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Personalized Rectangular Change Tray


Rectangular Change Tray Etched Mens Gift, Personalized Fathers Day Gift, Monogrammed Change Tray, Personalized Birthday Gift

You know what’s really hard? Buying gifts for men. We hear it every day, sometimes eighteen times! Actually, you’ve just been looking in the wrong places - consider this eminently attractive and practical change tray - every man needs one, particularly with his monogram expertly etched into the upper left-hand corner (which matches the Stars of Old Glory). And as we move to a cashless society (thanks Amazon) and your GO Stores - he can use it for cufflinks, keys, business cards and chewing gum.

Dimensions: 9.5” x 0.5”(tall) x 7.5"

Shown in font: Times Roman, Additional Fonts available:


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CS E60664

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Lydia Stepherson 14th Jun 2019


Better than the picture. Exquisite

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CS E60664