The Crystal Shoppe in Indian Trail is observing all state-mandated rules and regulations regarding the safe conduct of commercial activity. The store hours through the end of the year are Monday – Friday, 9 – 4 (with late opening until 6 on Tuesdays) and Saturday, 10 - 3. For the foreseeable future, the following guidelines will be in effect:

  1. Limit of 10 customers in the store at any one-time.
  2. All Customers will be required to wear masks to enter the store; those customers without masks of their own will be given one by a sales associate.
  3. Social distancing of 6 feet enforced at all times.
  4. All store employees to wear masks at all times when on store premises.
  5. Employees to wash hands, with soap and hot water, every two hours.
  6. Daily disinfection of all public surfaces.
  7. Curbside pick-up services offered to customers. 

Please respect our employees and do not engage in weighty political/medical/philosophical debates as to the efficacy of masks, the whereabouts of Bigfoot or the meaning of life. A bit of good old common sense and human courtesy is all that is required.

Please consider shopping from the safety of your home: we are continuing to update our product offerings and range of personalized gifts.