Custom Braille Glasses for Andrea Bocelli

When you’ve sold over 80 million records worldwide, been named one of the world’s 50 Most Beautiful People, received the Order of Merit from the Italian Republic and have your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you are officially classified as ‘hard to find the right gift to buy for’. Well the Charlotte Hornets thought of a creative solution; knowing of Andrea Bocelli’s love of fine wine, they ordered a selection of local vintages from one of North Carolina’s premier producers and, to cap it off, a pair of personalized stemless wine glasses etched with a message in braille for the blind maestro to use to savor the wine. A gift that was, in the words of Signora Bocelli, ’truly unique and unlike any gift they had ever received’. And, while we are not all as talented as Andrea, we are all unique in our own way - and can celebrate that individuality with personalized glasses from The Crystal Shoppe.
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If you aren't familiar, you can watch Andrea Bocelli live in concert with Celine Dion below