Personalized 100mm Round Glass Blown Ornament

  • Font Style Shown: Disney Script
  • Measures about 13 inches all the way around

This ornament qualifies as the ‘medium’ round ornament in our range (see its brothers, the 80MM & 120MM versions) and as such, serves well for dual personalization purposes – as a First Christmas ornament for newlyweds, for example, or any other personalized Christmas ornament that requires more than a single name and/or date. The deep-etch process allows us to offer a variety of stylized fonts for personalization purposes. The increased etch-area on this ornament, as opposed to the 80MM version, enables us to enlarge the font as well.

Font Styles for Glass Ornaments


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2 Reviews

LSC 23rd Dec 2015

What quality

I have been ordering personalized ornaments from the Crystal Shoppe for years. As always I am never disappointed in my ornament. Large and beautiful

14th Dec 2014


This ornament is stunning! It is really big. New always want an annual ornament so I know where to get them now!

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