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Personalized Unique Gift, Set/6 Glass Milk Bottles in Carry Container, Etched Children’s Gift, Engraved Birthday Gift $29.75


Engraved Candy Jar (as we have chosen) or Personal (personalized) Water Bottles? If you have six  
grandkids, this set is a no-brainer for you – etch a different name on each container and fill with Skittles.
Or M&Ms, Reece’s Pieces, Cashew nuts…you get the idea. Got milk?

Creatively constructed east of the Greenwich Meridian

We etched these vertically in bold Copperplate font – available as shown, select names

Guaranteed to be the only personalized set of bottles they’ll receive. 
When we at The Crystal Shoppe hear ‘I’m looking for something different’, we send our buyers 
scurrying to source unique products which personalize perfectly: mission accomplished!

Set measures 12” wide and 8” tall; Gift boxing available.

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