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Set/2 Personalized Stainless Steel Sustainable Straws, Engraved Socially Responsible Recyclable Reusable Drinking Stalks $12.50/pr


Two types of people: climate change deniers and those with a functional IQ north of 10. Slowly, slowly –
definitely too slowly, but at least – we’re recognizing the issue and taking steps – small, baby steps, but 
at least – such as eliminating single-use plastic items, like straws (Hey! Wal-Mart! How about deep-sixing plastic shopping bags?).

To still sip, try these personalized stainless steel straws and feel good about yourself.


  • Set of 2, one cunningly already bent, plus convenient carrying pouch AND cleaning brush
  • Set a good example at restaurants, take-out joints and spitball competitions

  • Get your millennial children off your back by doing something to save the environment

  • Natalie (see bullet point above) stylized in the Lobster font, which we recommend on these items

  • Not your Granny’s Crystal Shoppe, we’re keeping up with the trends

Gift boxing not available

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