Personalized 80mm Round Glass Blown Ornament


Please note pricing for this item ONLY includes etching on
ONE side, not two. If you would like to place an order for
an ornament with double-sided etching please Contact Us.

This ornament qualifies as the ‘small’ round ornament in our
range (see its big brothers, the 100MM & 120MM versions) and as
such, serves well for dual personalization purposes – as a First
Christmas ornament for newlyweds, for example, or any other
personalized Christmas ornament that requires more than a single
name and/or date. The deep-etch process allows us to offer a
variety of stylized fonts for personalization purposes. 

Font Styles for Glass Ornaments

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2 Reviews

27th Nov 2016


I began ordering my Christmas ornaments for my family in the early 90's... It's 2016 and My Christmas tree is not only gorgeous, full of memories. The first years I didn't have the years put on the ornaments, but I started and it's excited to reflect on where we lived (Florida, Texas, New Jersey or Georgia), the things we did during that year. My children are in college now and one day they will have their own home and family. What a beautiful gift to give them on their first Christmas in their new home. But until then... I'll continue collecting each year new memories. It would be nice to get free shipping... The shipping is very expensive. I don't live near the shoppe, so I have to order each year.

Linda 25th Dec 2014

Never stop ordering as the family grows

Every time someone new comes into our family whether marriage or birth we always get another crystal engraved ornament for the tree. We will continue this tradition for ever.

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