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Martini Set, Etched, 3-pce


Martini Set, Etched, 3-pce, $35

  • A 3-piece Martini set, featuring an engraved 40 ounce crystal pitcher and a pair of 6.5 oz classic martini glasses, etched conventionally (on the outside of the glass, as shown) or ‘martini style’, on the back surface, to be seen as you swill your vodka (or gin, if you’re a traditionalist)

  • A personalized drinks set that makes a great wedding gift or stock-the-bar counter-filler

  • The glass pitcher is made in Columbia and the martini glasses come to us from the Ottoman Empire

  • The size of the pitcher allows for the pouring of exactly 2 and one half martinis for each of you – just enough, not too much

  • The Crystal Shoppe specializes in monogramming glasses and crystal in a variety of combinations to create unique drinks sets

Dimensions: 40 oz pitcher is 8” tall, 6.5 ounce glasses are 6” high, the 3-pce set 



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