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Monogrammed Monarch Beer Mug

  • Font Style Featured: Olde English
  • Capacity: 20 ounces
  • Dishwasher Safe

Named for Royalty, we love this 20 ounce crystal tankard for its simple and elegant personalization options: a single initial, preferable in Olde English font in keeping with its historic traditions, looks regal. And did you realize that ‘regal’ is a palindrome of ‘lager’ which is what looks best in this mug? I have always wanted to market a beer under the banner: “Regal Lager, the Palindromic Beer” designed to appeal to the thinker-drinker. Beer brewers take note.


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1 Review

Amber 20th Dec 2018

Very nice gift!

I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. The monogram looks very nice and it is overall a good beer mug. The gift box looks very nice, the mug was wrapped and packaged delicately, and everything arrived quickly. Thank you!

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