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Personalized Baby Spoon



This item will be engraved on the handle, due to the limited engraving space please restrict personalization to either a single initial or 3-Letter monogram. One way in which to make vegetable puree appear appetizing to the discerning three-month-old, is to serve it on an engraved silver spoon...or at least an affordable stainless steel version. Junior will relish gobbling down the green goo off his or her personalized cutlery.


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Rose Marie K. 19th Jul 2015

Personalized Baby Spoon

What a perfect gift for a 'first' child. As the great-aunt, I ordered two of these to give as gifts and will be ordering another this month. They are quite the value for the price and the personalization on them makes them extra special. Everyone ooh'd and aahh'd over my gifts! The Crystal Shoppe never lets me down not in 20+ years of doing business with them! Rose Marie

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