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Personalized Potion 5-Pce Decanter Set


Aaah, euphemisms! To avoid going to Haitch Eee Double Hockey Sticks, the average Southerner will do,

and say, whatever the heck it takes – it’s just how we are, below the Mason-Dixon: polite, civilized and  
well-spoken. Hence, no ‘liquor’ or ‘whiskey’ for us, but a ‘potion”? Absolutely, make mine a double…5-
pce set comprises a monogrammed crystal decanter (28 oz capacity)and four personalized rocks glasses
(11 oz capacity).

Dimensions: Decanter stands 9.5” tall and is 4” wide




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1 Review

Ninnet 31st May 2021

My recent purchase did not disappoint

I absolutely loved this! What a great gift for a wedding. Thank "The Crystal Shoppe" for your great quality and excellent service. This is my new go to.

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